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Credentialed Prescriber Online Training

Section 1. Online Training Program

Prescriber CRIS training is available as an online program for credentialed Prescribers (as Licensed Independent Practitioners) by the Office of Credentialing Services. Credentialed Prescribers are automatically enrolled in this online training program and may be eligible for a CRIS prescriber account.

Following submission of a completed credentialing packet to the Office of Credential Services, incoming Prescribers will receive detailed instructions about online training via their email of record (as identified in credentialing packet). Email instructions will be issued up to 45 days prior to EOD.

Online CRIS training can begin at any time following prescriber receipt of emailed training instructions.

Training is self-paced with 24 hour remote access (outside of DCRI Classroom and/or NIH network) to course materials and training system and may take 2-4 hours to complete. Required components of online training include:

  • Part I: Online Tutorials (four).
  • Part II: An Online Skills Assessment (a passing score of 70% is required for CRIS prescriber account eligibility)

It is recommended that Prescribers fulfill their CRIS training requirements as early as possible, preferably prior to entry on duty (EOD). Training accounts are active for 90 days.

NOTE: Institutes and Departments are expected to provide workstation space to access CRIS online training for those new prescribers who have not concluded CRIS coursework prior to EOD.

Upon the prescriber's successful completion of CRIS training (provided all authorization requirements have been met through the Office of Credentialing Services), the Office of Credentialing Services creates a CRIS account. In order to access CRIS:

For questions, contact the CC Service Center at (301) 496-8400 during business hours.

Section II. To Begin Training

Welcome to the CRIS Prescriber 100% Online Training!

Online training is ONLY offered to prescribers who have applied for medical privileges at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) through the Office of Credentialing Services in the Clinical Center (301-496-5937).

  1. When you receive your "Welcome to Training" email, a training user name is provided. Call CC Service Center (301-496-8400) to obtain your training password.
  2. Select the link below.
  3. Log on using your training user name and password provided.
  4. Follow instructions to complete the training.

Note: Access to the CRIS System will be provided upon successful completion of the online training by the Office of Credentialing Services located at Room 2N216.

CRIS Logo Proceed to the Prescriber Online Training Log-On Page

This page last updated 09/29/2016

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