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CRIS Account Request

How do I get a CRIS account?

All staff are required to complete the NIH Computer Security Awareness On-Line Training before your CRIS account can be created.

If you did not complete this during general orientation, the course is located at

  1. All staff (except Physicians and other Prescribers) must submit an electronic CRIS Account Request Form (eCARF) PDF Logo (1.09 MB).

    1. Supervisor's requirements for electronic submission of e-CARF:
      1. Access to NIH network
      2. Have an active signature certificate (digital signature).
    2. Steps:
      1. The supervisor needs to electronically fill out the employee's form, electronically sign using PIV card, and
      2. Submit the form electronically by selecting the Submit Form button at the top right of the page.
      3. Select the Continue button (in the Send Email window).
      4. Select Send on the email message to the CC-DCRI CRIS Security Team.
    3. NOTE: For assistance with electronic signature using PIV card, please contact the CC Service Center at 301-496-8400.
  2. All staff must schedule and complete CRIS training. See Class Information on available courses and how to register.
  3. CRIS accounts are activated at the end of training provided all appropriate forms are submitted and approved in advance. Accounts will not be activated without personal identification, so bring either your NIH ID badge, other U.S. Government ID or Drivers License.

Note: Physician/Prescriber accounts are issued by the Office of Credentialing Services (301-496-5937). Completion of CRIS training is required prior to obtaining a CRIS account.

Note: PDF documents require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

This page last updated 02/01/2017

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