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Message from the CIO

A photo of Jon W. McKeeby, Chief Information Officer of the NIH Clinical CenterThank you for your interest in the Department of Clinical Research Informatics (DCRI). We are the department that supports the IT Systems for the Clinical Center (CC) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland. The Clinical Center is the nation's clinical research hospital and the world's largest hospital dedicated totally to clinical research.

Our department has two main responsibilities. First is to support the IT across the NIH CC which includes supporting approximately 2000 staff members and approximately 5000 computer devices. The second it to support the Electronic Health Record at the NIH CC we refer to as the Clinical Research Information System (CRIS). In support of CRIS DCRI is responsible for the analysis, design, implementation, maintenance, and evaluation of the CRIS System including all of its Ancillary Systems.

CRIS touches virtually everyone at the Clinical Center in one way or another. Whether it is to document patient care, retrieve data or analyze trends, we all need to access clinical and research information to assist in our work and help achieve the mission of the NIH to improve the health of the nation. As users have become more familiar with CRIS, we find ourselves with continuous customer requests for increased functionality and improved services - which is a good thing. The comfort level our users are achieving has been rewarding to watch and the interdisciplinary initiatives to improve our computer systems increase daily. DCRI strives to provide all system users an industry-standard network architecture that is accessible (on and off site), efficient, reliable, and secure. Our focus is to make CRIS increasingly user-friendly while establishing it as the central location for all patient-related clinical information. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a fully functional Electronic Patient Record. This goal will require a great deal of interface development to bring outside system data into CRIS, designing and building documents to replace current paper forms, enhancing current functionality to support more efficient workflow processes and providing links from CRIS that will allow easy access to frequently used references and resources.

Jon W. McKeeby, Chief Information Officer,
National Institutes of Health, Clinical Center
Department of Clinical Research Informatics

This page last updated 09/29/2016

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