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Starting August 14, 2017, all NIH Email for CC staff is moving to the Office 365 Cloud. Within the NIH Office in the Cloud, you and your staff will be able to manage email, calendars, contacts, tasks as you always have. We encourage you to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), refer to the Quick reference document and/or see the video.

For Outlook on your desktop or in Citrix the switchover to Email in the Cloud will require you to enter your username and password the first time you use it. Email in the cloud will continue to be available via the web client at If you need to view additional email (30 days plus), simply select Click here to view more on Microsoft exchange.

Mobile Devices – Your Government furnished device that is using MobileIron will automatically update and function normally after your mailbox is moved to the cloud.


  • It is best to turn off your mail and phone during the migration. At minimum do not access mail during this time on your phone.
  • The first time you log on you will need to enter your password for your desktop, citrix and mobile device.
  • The first time the most recent 30 days of email are being downloading to your desktop and citrix session to cache them for future use.  Thus the first time you login to mail after the migration responsiveness will be slow.
  • There is a small delay on actions. CITRIX shows less of a delay than from the desktop.
  • To search or review older email greater than the last 30 days you must select the link to access email from the server.
  • Please make sure your email is sent before you exit or log off.  You will be prompted to do so.

Service Desk Support – If you have questions please review Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in the NIH IT Knowledge Base.

Please closely follow the instructions listed. Should you experience any email or mobile device issues, please contact the CC Service Center or the NIH IT Service Desk.


Need help with registering for a CRIS class? Follow the below steps for class registration.

NOTE: The Introduction to CRIS module is a pre-requisite for any additional CRIS classes.

  1. Registering yourself (if you are active in HHS Learning Portal)
    1. Determine which class(s) (based on your role) you need by reviewing CRIS Course Registration - Required Training PDF Logo (39 KB)
    2. Visit; select the course(s) and date of course you desire
    3. Continue on this site to register yourself through LMS
    4. If you encounter problems or need assistance: email CC CRIS Class Registration Team at for assistance
  2. Registering another individual: (i.e. you are the supervisor or designee)
    1. Determine which class(s) the individual needs based on role: CRIS Course Registration - Required Training PDF Logo (26 KB)
    2. Visit; identify the course(s) and date of course(s)
    3. Email CC CRIS Class Registration Team at for assistance and include the following required information:
      1. Name and email address of the individual to be enrolled
      2. Name, date, and time of the class(s) requested


The CCGO is a two year initiative which encourages NIH Institutes to jumpstart genomic medicine by increasing the use of genomic data in clinical research. See the following for information about order entry and viewing the Exome Secondary Findings Analysis PDF Logo (419 KB).


The Clinical Center Desktop/Thin Client Desktop has been upgraded for improved login times to the desktop, CRIS and various applications. Users who have Windows 10 on their home computer will find the look familiar.

Key changes include:

  1. The Clinical Center Desktop Icon found on the Thin Client and CCCASPER has changed from Old Clinical Center Desktop Icon to New Clinical Center Desktop Icon.

  2. The Start menu has been redesigned to make most applications accessible with one click.

  3. If you wish to roam your Citrix desktop session, simply click the disconnect or power off button in the upper right hand corner on the first menu. If you are logging out for the day, click on your name and select the sign out option.

  4. The XenDesktop toolbar located at the center top of the screen allows you to minimize and resize the CC Desktop and to quickly disconnect from the Citrix session.

  5. You might note that Outlook signatures, email security, and PST files might need to be reconfigured.

More Information PDF Logo (591 KB)


The Department of Perioperative Medicine is pleased to announce that beginning July 29, 2013 users will be able to retrieve the Operating Room schedules using the CRIS system.

More information PDF Logo (145 KB)


The Biomedical Translational Research Information System (BTRIS) is a resource available to the NIH intramural community that brings together clinical research data from Clinical Center systems (CRIS) and other NIH Institutes and Centers. BTRIS provides clinical investigators with access to identifiable data for subjects on their own active protocols, while providing all NIH investigators with access to de-identified data across all protocols. For additional information on BTRIS go to

CRIS Support

Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, call CC Service Centerat 301-496-8400.

After-hours, holidays and weekends, please call 301-496-7525 for assistance.

For non-emergent issues or questions, you can also email anytime by visiting When you select the link, it walks you through five steps in entering your own ticket. If appropriate, classify your request as NIH Specialty Applications: CRIS.

Note: PDF Documents require the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Adobe Flash requires the Adobe Flash Player to run.

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