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Manual Documentation Forms Moving to CRIS


Medical Record Forms Conversion

The final phase of the Medical Records Forms Project has been completed with implementation of several new forms in CRIS.

  • Behavioral Health Pass Checklist - This form is now incorporated into the existing Pass Note that can be found by selecting the Enter Documents Icon and from within the document browse. Information is entered using this form and can be printed to obtain a patients signature.

How to Print On Pass Report for Patient Signature

After documenting a Pass Note:

  1. Click Save
  2. Go to the Documents Tab
  3. Highlight Pass Note
  4. Click the printer icon Printer icon on the tool bar
  5. Click Nursing under the Reports Category
  6. Highlight On-Pass Documentation Checklist
  7. Click Preview
  8. Click the printer icon printer icon on the preview screen to print the On-Pass Documentation Checklist.
  • Colposcopic Examination Form - This structure note contains the ability to document using a graphic representation of the colposcopic exam and will be available in September.

  • Nuclear Cardiac Perfusion Study/Stress Test Record - This form will be available in early September as a structured note. Primary users will be NHLBI.

  • Bronchoscopy Report - The paper form will no longer be available and Softmed will be used to complete this report. Medical Records with work with the appropriate areas during the transition of the paper form to Softmed. For questions about this form contact Tricia Coffey at 301-496-2292.

Call CRIS Support (301-496-8400) for technical assistance. Information about the documents implemented in CRIS or under review is on the CRIS Website at:

This page last updated 08/16/07


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